A unique place

The Casona de Amandi, located on the plain of the Llinares River and on the Camino de Santiago, was built in the mid-19th century. Declared a unique building in 1991, it was a pioneer in rural tourism.

At the beginning of the 20th century, two glass galleries were added. One of them supported by iron columns and facing south with views of a splendid garden with wisteria, linden trees, firs, thuja, a large redwood and a meadow of almost one hectare, where you can fully enjoy nature in a privileged place in the heart of Asturias.

The house was built on the walls of an old smithy on a farm owned by the Counts of Revillagigedo and is known as the Quinta la Ballina or Casona de Amandi. Across the street is the Chapel of San Juan, declared a unique building in 1991.

This Indian style house is located just 5 minutes by car from Villaviciosa and less than 30 minutes from Gijón and Oviedo.

The interior of the house is full of corners with history. Antiques such as pianolas, chests of drawers and chests inhabit the rooms. Each one of its rooms offers a unique experience. The gallery is the peace made corner, where the sunrise and sunset are collected and celebrated every day, projecting its light and giving its warmth to each of its rooms.

The porch, made of natural wood, where intimate celebrations can be held, is the perfect connection between interior and exterior, a place where the transition between the coziness of the house and the connection with nature of the garden is found.

All the Hotel facilities are specially designed to offer comfort and enjoyment. In addition, in all of them your pet will be welcome, we are faithful lovers of animals.

Experiences and environment


We are a few kilometers from Rodiles beach, where we can find one of the best waves in Spain and a striking dune system that is accompanied by an extensive marsh, La Marisma de Misiego. If you like surfing, don’t miss the experience of practicing it in this beautiful setting. In addition, exploring the rest of the coast of eastern Asturias, you can find real precious things made on the beach, where you can spread your towel before the beautiful Asturian sunny days.


La Casona is surrounded by green surroundings and routes that will connect you with nature, such as El Camino de Santiago, the route of the jet mills and cliffs of the Cantabrian Sea or the routes of Los Molinos and Azabache. Special mention for the activity “Getaway in a flock” in which a biologist from the area will offer us a guided ornithological visit with extensive knowledge of the nature, the landscape and the history of the place. We organize tailor-made routes for all tastes. By bicycle, on horseback, on foot.


A must experience if you go through Asturias, it is the culinary one and it is that nowhere you eat like in the north of the country. We encourage you to visit the Finca de Los Caserinos, a family farm dedicated to the production of high-quality, natural dairy products. Also to come to know the espichas and llagares of the area to enjoy the typical Asturian tradition and how could it be otherwise, of our yellow gold, the cider.


The ornamental richness of Villaviciosa’s heritage is discovered in all its finials: in the triumphal arches, in the porticos, capitals … a varied iconographic repertoire that goes from monstrous images to juggler scenes, tournaments between knights, falconry representations, stoning or pious images . To get to know all this great heritage in detail, we can go to the capital of the municipality, next to the Church of Santa María de la Oliva we will find an information and reception center for visits to the Romanesque style of Villaviciosa (La Casina de la Oliva).

A dining room to enjoy

There are not many places to eat like in the north of our country and it is that the gastronomic experience is one of the main reasons that Asturias owes its fame. At La Casona we offer you what you need to get to know first hand the cuisine of our region.

Our organic breakfasts are made up of seasonal natural juice, organic fresh fruit, sourdough bread, croissants, pastries and / or artisan cookies, Asturian and artisan cheese and other quality and local products that may vary depending on the season. .

For dinners we prepare fresh and seasonal dishes, with mostly ecological and Km.0 product.